Win a Free Ticket to Momentum Fest 2018!

Momentum Fest

Momentum Fest is a three day Pilates and movement festival being held in Denver, CO, June 22-24, 2018.

I’m so proud to be a founder and teacher at this amazing event!

Pilates has helped transform my life for obvious reasons. I use it every day with my physical therapy and Pilates clients and I use it myself to stay healthy, mobile and strong.

More than that, I simply love to move, and Pilates has taught me how to feel empowered in my own body.

Momentum Fest is a way to stay connected to that power and to share the experience and joy of movement with others who feel the same way!

I would love to share this amazing experience with you. Watch the video below to find out how to win a free three day ticket to Momentum Fest with our Instagram Challenge being held February 19-23. If you are reading this halfway through the week, you can still get involved with the challenge! It ends February 23, 2018, so make sure you finish your contest entries before then.

I’ll be talking more about Momentum Fest in the coming months, but if you have any thoughts of coming, take advantage of this chance at a free ticket!

Momentum Fest

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