Workout Programs


Pilates membership

UNLIMITED is our premiere program that gives you inspiration, healthy recipes and access to over 225 workouts that you can do anywhere at any time.

$29/mo OR $249/year

Pilates Jumpstart

4 Weeks of Pilates & Fitness

Pilates Jumpstart is the perfect program for anyone wanting to start or return to Pilates in a safe and motivating way. 10 Day Clean Eating Guide included!


Safe Exercise After Baby

This four week workout calendar is safe and effective for any woman wanting to get back into exercise after having a baby.


Workouts for Prolapse

Four weeks of workouts and exercise that are meant to be safe for women suffering from a prolapse.


Endometriosis Workout

Gentle Pilates-based workout designed to help you deal with pain, bloating, tightness and other symptoms from endometriosis.


IVF Exercise Routines

This two workout series includes exercises you can do during your IVF journey to help you decrease stress and feel empowered during a difficult time.


Prenatal Pilates

Workout Series

This workout series includes workout videos for each trimester that will help you stretch and strengthen while staying safe during this special time.


Scoliosis Workout

This routine uses various exercises and stretches to address muscle imbalance, back pain, weakness and postural dysfunctions associated with scoliosis.