10 Minute Workout With Weights – You Need to Lift Heavy Things!

10 minute workout with weights

You have to pick up heavy things and workout with weights!

I’m not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the line society decided that men lift weights and women do cardio.

I’m here to completely and totally debunk that idea!

Research has PROVEN that including weights in fitness plans for women leads to:

✔️ Decreased risk for osteoporosis

✔️ Improved functional strength (meaning you can get up off the floor without holding on to something, or lift your babies out of their cribs without back pain)

✔️ Increased energy

✔️ Better quality of sleep

✔️ Decreased stress

✔️Improved heart health

✔️ Increased muscle mass and weight loss

Do NOT be intimidated. Do NOT think this is only for men. Do NOT feel you’ll bulk up (which honestly would not happen unless you are lifting super heavy weights 5x/week and purposefully trying to hypertrophy your muscles).

Teaching my clients how to use weights in their home programs is the number one most empowering thing I can give them. I have seen self-confidence do a 180 when a women starts to see and believe that she is STRONG.

My newest 10 Minute Home Workout With Weights is a perfect way to challenge yourself and build some confidence with weights! It incorporates some HIIT moves so you’ll get your heart rate up while you move around. Use any weight you have and if you don’t have a weight, use a full water bottle! Just pick up what you’ve got and get moving.

Here’s to feeling strong in body, mind and heart!


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