Your 2 Week Custom Workout and Health Plan is Here!

custom workout

Many people think it’s funny that I take so many fitness classes. I even have been known to watch my own videos on YouTube (that actually is a little funny I guess). It’s kind of assumed that fitness instructors and health coaches don’t need help because we should be able to always think of our own workouts and healthy recipes.

I’m going to burst that bubble right here and now.

I need help, and a lot of it!

There are two major reasons I love taking other classes and having some kind of coaching:

1) I get a step by step guide without having to think of all the details myself. I LOVE coming up with new classes and choreography – it’s part of what makes my job so fun! But there are days I wake up and just want someone else to tell me what to do. I want to not think so hard about what muscles to work next or how many reps to do. I instead just want to get lost in the music and know someone else has my back.

2) Motivation. Let me be totally honest with you. There are days that working out just sounds hard. I’m either uninspired or tired or just kind of lazy. When I sign up for a class or have paid for an online program, my motivation sky rockets because I have already invested in that workout. I don’t want to waste any money or leave someone hanging, so I get my butt into my workout clothes and go for it. I always – ALWAYS – am glad I did it.

When life gets busy and chaotic and stressful, it’s especially important for me to take help where I can get it. I jump on YouTube and find a 30 minute class to complete before I pick my daughter up from school. I text my friend Gina and ask what I can make fast with leftover zucchini. I pull out my Gabby Bernstein book and find an affirmation about peace.

I don’t always have 20 minutes to figure out WHAT to do for my health that day, so I let someone tell me.

Well, now I’m here to be that person for you!

I did a survey a few weeks ago (thank you to everyone who participated! I would love your feedback, so click here to fill out the survey if you haven’t already), and two things really stood out to me.

The first is that the most important aspects of this blog to many of you are workouts, recipes and inspiration. That is awesome because those are my favorite things :).

The second is that the most common thing holding many of us back is time and motivation. We want to be healthy, but we feel kind of stuck and lost and need some guidance.

Due to your feedback and requests, I’m happy to announce the launch of the Two Week Happy Healthy Jumpstart!

custom workout

This is a customized two week program full of workouts, recipes, healthy eating tips and motivation. The extra cool part is the fact that this is a custom workout and health plan for YOU!

When you purchase, you will be sent a detailed questionnaire about your eating habits, workout preferences, lifestyle, interests and goals. Once you send that back to me, I will create a two week plan that addresses your specific needs!

Vegetarian? No problem.

Knee injury? Gotcha.

You need to fit workouts between afternoon meetings? Covered.

Want more barre and less cardio? Easy.

All the above? Ok!

Get started here!

Let me help you get your energy and motivation back. We all need some guidance and help sometimes, and this could be just the thing that jumpstarts your health journey! You deserve to feel and look your best. The more you believe in yourself, the more you will shine and allow others to believe in themselves as well.

Let’s do this together!



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