Your Christmas Spirit

I love Christmas.  Absolutely, deep in my being, love it.  The music, the food, the smell of a tree, the lights…What I don’t love?  Traffic.  Shipping deadlines.  Parking.  It’s like we are all just running around trying to achieve what we think SHOULD be the Christmas spirit, when we really haven’t stopped to ask ourselves if we FEEL the Christmas spirit.

So, instead of celebrating “THE Christmas spirit” with all it’s expectations and hustle and bustle, let’s celebrate YOUR Christmas spirit.  Christmas is less than 24 hours away, and you have just a little time left to embrace what puts YOU in the Christmas spirit!  Missed a present for someone?  Burned the rolls?  Can’t travel to see family?  Let it go.  Find one thing – today – that you can do to put your heart in a happy place.

Here is my Christmas spirit:

Fiona's first Christmas tree and present
Fiona’s first Christmas tree and present
My mom's Christmas cookie recipe
My mom’s Christmas cookie recipe


Champagne toast with my hubby on my birthday
Champagne toast with my hubby on my birthday


Starbucks Christmas cups!
Starbucks Christmas cups!
Harmony holiday dinner
Harmony holiday dinner
This smile
This smile

May this Christmas bring you peace, joy, love and laughter.



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