The Only 5 Things You Need for an Amazing Home Workout Sign-up!

11 thoughts on “The Only 5 Things You Need for an Amazing Home Workout Sign-up!”

    • Hi Jessica Im doing your firtility workout for a month now and I love it make me feel so calm im trying for a baby almost ten yrs i had an operasion becos my tubes close the fingers of of my tubes were close they cut it open and stich it together but could ave only my right tube the left was dry out they give me ten persent to conceive so i try iui and ivf but no luck so they sad its in my genes and if that happend its poseble that baby will be in my tube that was 5 yrs ago im still trying doyou think that your exercise coould help me

      • Eleanor – thank you for your honesty and reaching out! I’ll be thinking of you and sending you positive energy and love 🙂 If the exercises feel good and help you feel calm, then I’m sure they are doing some good!

  1. Thank you Jessica… wanted to try this at home to be fit. I have a spondylosis neck also. thank you for sharing your video


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