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Custom 2 Week Happy Healthy Jumpstart Program – NEW!

You feel stuck, unmotivated, busy, tired and you just want more. You know you can be healthier but how do you find the time? This 2 week custom program is created specifically for your individual needs and goals! You will fill out a detailed questionnaire, and you will then receive two weeks worth of workouts, healthy recipes and motivation that fit into your busy lifestyle.         Find out more and get started here!

Full Body Mat Workout DVD

Take your workout to the next level with this challenging and inspiring 60 minute Pilates session!  You will burn calories and build strength while focusing on glutes, abs, core stabilization, muscle toning, posture and flexibility.  This workout is perfect for home or travel – it is broken into four segments that allow you to pick your desired workout if you are limited on time.  Or do the entire workout for a full body Pilates class!  Modifications are given throughout the exercises, so you can tailor the workout to your needs and desired level of intensity.  Fall in love with Pilates!

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Prenatal Mat Pilates DVD

This Prenatal Pilates Workout is perfect for women wanting an appropriate exercise routine during any stage of pregnancy.  You will be taken through 60 minutes of basic to intermediate exercises that focus on your breathing, posture, body awareness, strength and muscle control.  It is a great way to maintain and even improve your health and the health of your growing baby, while strengthening the bond between the two of you during this special time.  Jessica uses her knowledge and experience as a physical therapist, Pilates Instructor and pregnant woman to guide you through an effective and fun workout you can feel good about.

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You will find many product and service reviews throughout the blog, but here are a few we are proud to work with regularly and call our all time favorites.  These are companies who not only offer great products or services, but use their status to try and make the world a better place.  These are the folks who help us do what we do and make us love what we do!

Nutritional Supplements (including vitamins and protein powders)

Vitamin Pit Stop

Exercise Clothing

Cory Vines

Pilates Equipment

Balanced Body

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Pilates Method Alliance

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  1. Can’t find where to buy your 10 minute walking workout at Home Indoor Walking Workout. Am a senior and this would be great for me. Saw you on You Tube.


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