Scoliosis workout

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If you suffer from scoliosis, you know how frustrating and debilitating it can feel.

If you are a health care practitioner or fitness professional working with clients who have scoliosis, you know the importance of having a specific treatment and exercise plan to address the issues unique to this condition.

In my career as a Physical Therapist and Pilates instructor, I have seen hundreds of clients with scoliosis. I can tell you with certainty that my favorite tool for helping these people feel their best and return to function and strength is Pilates.

I have seen amazing success stories using the simple principles and tools that Pilates gives me to align the body, teach breath and body awareness, strengthen the core and address postural issues.

These resources will help both the individuals dealing with scoliosis and the health care workers who want to help them.

Physical Therapy & Pilates Exercises for Scoliosis – a Video

I have created a 50 minute long instructional video specifically for both physical therapists and people with scoliosis themselves. In this scoliosis workout video, I talk you through a specific Pilates-based workout routine and explain why these exercises are so important for the issues surrounding scoliosis.

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  1. Hi. I have scoliosis, and I just did your 50 minute scoliosis workout for the first time. I do not have the arc at home, so what would you recommend for me to use in place of that? Thanks!

    1. Janine – I’m glad you have the video! Good question about the arc…I would recommend simply stacking some pillow for the easiest replacement. I’m sitting here looking at the arm rests on my couch and they are big and round and would also work well :). I would just place a couple blankets over them to bulk them up a little. You can try getting creative and find something that feels good. You could also purchase one if you think you will use it consistently! Otherwise, it’s not necessary to get results :). Good luck!

      1. That is extremely helpful. Thank you so much! I am really happy I found your video. I have been having a lot of pain from my sciliosis, so I am hoping this workout will help decrease my pain;)

      2. Thank you for your suggestion. The pillows actually worked out perfectly. I have been experiencing a lot of pain from my scoliosis, so I am hoping this workout will help minimize my pain. So glad I found this video. Would you suggest doing this every day to get the best results? Thanks:)

  2. If I buy the video for my niece’s daughter can she download in Brazil. Her daughter has scoliosis and would love to get the video. Thank you.

    1. Hi MArli,
      Yes! Go to the “scoliosis” page on the website and go through the process to purchase. When you get to the screen that asks for your email address and payment, you will see a small icon that looks like a wrapped present to the right of the email address box. Just click that and you can then gift the purchase!

  3. I’m considering buying the scoliosis video, but first I need to ask a question. Due to a failed knee replacement and pain in my opposite groin following a hip replacement, floor exercises are difficult for me. Can the exercises be adapted as chair exercises, and if so, would I still get an equal amount of benefit?

    1. Thank you for your question and for reaching out! I’m so sorry about the failed knee replacement. Yes, many of the exercises that would bother your knee and hip can be adapted for a chair. There are quite a few exercises laying down, which I’m guessing wouldn’t be as much of a problem. They are shown on the floor, but they can be done in bed if necessary. I hope that helps!

      1. Thanks for reply and suggestions, Jessica. I ordered the video last night, and I’m looking forward to getting started.

  4. Jessica, are you acquainted with Feldenkrais and the Anat Baniel method? I’ve been studying both methods via videos and DVDs for scoliosis, and I’m trying to do as much as my post-surgical body (failed knee, hip replacement) will allow. I’m 68, by the way. Bottom line, I’m seeing similarities and differences in both Pilates and Feldenkrais and the principles behind these approaches, but I’m also getting a bit confused. Do you know whether it’s possible to combine both methods, or would trying to do so prove too much a contradiction? And if, in fact, you are indeed familiar with Feldenkrais–anat Baniel method, do you have any ideas as to what might work best for me?

  5. Hi jessica ,

    Im sofia from morroco , i suffer from scoliosis and i want to buy your video , but first i wanna know how does it work after bying it from your website , we receive an email with the video or what exactly
    Please respond me as soon as you can .

    Best regards

    1. Hi Sofia! I emailed you but wanted to make sure you got it. When you purchase the video, it will be downloaded to your computer right away. Thanks!

  6. Does your video address poses for different kind of curves. I have a C-shaped cure in thoracic spine and have been told that some exercises can exhasberate symptoms if not done for that specific curve? Thanks for any advice!

    1. Thanks for asking! The way I teach actually allows for the same exercises for all curves. I explain this a little in the video. I hope that helps!

  7. Hi I don’t use a laptop, only a ipone but I’m quite desperate to be able to use your DVD at home. Can it be burned off a laptop once downloaded ? Is there a way I can transfer this to a DVD?

      1. Sorry for all the questions but I just need to understand as I don’t have Internet at home. If I download the link or download do I need internet to watch it or is it downloaded on the computer to watch anyplace or anytime without internet connection?

      2. Michelle – I see! You can download the video and shouldn’t need internet to watch it after it’s purchased and downloaded.

  8. I am concerned as another poster that the type of curve you have determines the correct way to do PT as well as pilates. There is a lady that specializes in scoliopilates on the internet with videos that show how to do pilates with different curve types. I am thinking your exercises are primarily for elongation of the spine. Since you are a PT,have you gone thru Scroth based PT and incorporated this into your video?
    Also, I don’t see any comments from posters that have been using the video for some time and if it alleviated their pain. Calling all posters – please post your experiences. Thanks!

    1. I have a double curve looks like a backward S . I had spinal fusion in 1985. This video in addition to my normal workout does help me with pain and stiffness. Thank you

    2. Hi! I’m familiar with the Schroth method and have colleagues who teach this. I think it’s a wonderful method with so many benefits. I explain in my full length video the reason I teach the same to people with different curves. The main reason is to get the exercises out to everyone, even when they don’t have the ability to have a private evaluation to find out the exact curve they have. I also believe that both sides of the curve need to be worked for various reasons, including teaching proper movement patterning. Most people leave comments on my YouTube videos themselves, so here is the link if you would like to see testimonials of the many people it’s helped. Thanks and take care!

  9. Jessica, I’m considering purchasing your video but would first like to know if it incorporates the use of corrective cushions and similar aids to help correct the curve(s) during exercise? I have a 65 degree thoracic curve and a 37 degree lumbar curve with three bulging lumbar discs and likely a cervical curve. Thanks!

  10. Hi Jessica
    I really enjoyed doing the workout on youtube i am doing it every day , it’s been 2 weeks but the problem that i discovered that my arms aren’t straight and that my legs are bowed will doing those practices will help me to improve my condition? I am really serious about buying the 50 minutes workout and i am really enjoying your videos

  11. Just purchased this workout my only question is as a beginner can this 50 minute routine be done daily without injury or negative side effects? If so should other exercises be added to this or can this routine alone help combat scoliosis.

  12. Hi Jessica I’m not allowed to by your video unfortunately but there are some workouts on YouTube and they work amazingly.

  13. My granddaughter who is 18 .?…just found out her curve has increased to 74 top and 45 bottom….S curve…will these exercises help her….thank you

  14. Hi Jessica, I am 78 and have moderately severe scoliosis. Would I be able to cope with the exercises on the video? I have had three failed spinal operations, my lumbar back is completely fused and I now have one leg shorter than the other. I have been doing your classes on YouTube and have coped with them within my expectations except for the mermaid stretch which I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do. I am concerned that my scoliosis will increase and with it the crookedness in my body. I really struggle to walk up straight Will these exercises help with that?
    Kind regards

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