The Happy Hour Philosophy

The Happy Hour PhilosophyJess_Brian-1286

It’s happy hour!  Come in, sit down, order a drink (virgin or otherwise!).  Talk about yourself, and ask questions.  Let’s share stories, have some laughs (and maybe that glass of bubbly) and support each other on this crazy health and life journey.  

We believe in YOU.  You are important.  You are unique.  You are worth it.

We believe in laughing…a lot.

We believe in good health, and we believe it’s attainable for everyone.

We believe in movement, and that movement should feel good.

We believe that healthy should be fun, and never boring.

We believe that almost every physical ailment can improve.

We believe that you need to BELIEVE it will improve for it to do so.

We believe that shaking muscles during a workout is awesome.

We believe in good food.  Really, really good food.

We believe that food choices should be purposeful and conscious.

We believe in supporting our local communities and the environment through these food choices.  We believe in small, local farmers that raise their meat and dairy humanely and organically.  We believe in sustainability.

We believe in telling the truth, sharing real-life stories and figuring things out together.

We believe chocolate solves many problems.

We believe red wine goes really well with chocolate…

That’s what WE believe.  Now it’s your turn. Figure out what YOU believe, and then live it.




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