Breast Cancer Resource Guide

Thank you for being here and all my best wishes to you or your loved one during this health journey.

Products and resources mentioned in Jessica’s Mastectomy Experience video:

I wore this zip up hoodie almost every day while I had my drains after surgery. It’s created through Hope Chest, a non-profit supporting women through their breast cancer journey. This is a special charity to me in that it was started by a dear friend of mine after her own mastectomy. She then gifted me my own Hope Chest hoodie and drain holder after my diagnosis. When you click on the link, scroll to the bottom of the page for instructions to purchase or donate a hoodie. Click here for details.

This is the mastectomy pillow I used after my surgery. It was especially helpful at night and while on the couch with my kids after surgery.

These are extremely stretchy and soft and I wore them every day while I had the drains. I could step into them without having to put them over my head and they worked great under my hoodie or shirts with drain holders.

This was something I already had prior to surgery and it’s been invaluable as I begin walking again after surgery. When I can’t walk outside due to weather or fatigue, this is a great replacement. 

I was given a post surgical bra at the hospital that I wore for the first two weeks. After removing the drains, I will continue to have to wear compressive bras that attach in the front for a few months. I have tried many and this is the most comfortable. Always make sure you check what bra you need to wear with your surgeon.

I wear a compression sleeve during activities to help with my cording and I really like this one. Here is my video talking about cording.

This is the body oil I use for self massage for my cording (not for scar massage).

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