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Pilates Barre – What’s this “barre” thing all about anyway?

If you are a participant at all in the fitness world, you probably know about the current “barre” phenomenon.  I personally took my first barre class in …


Small Business Wednesday – Know Your “Why”

I never set out to own my own business.  I actually was pretty adamant that I never wanted to own my own business (never say never …

Pilates Happy Hour Trying To Conceive


“We Love” Friday

Hi everyone! I am so excited to start Harmony’s weekly Friday post “We Love Friday”!  Every Friday, I will post some of my favorite things from …


How To Make a Big Decision

I grew up in Kansas City, Kansas, and moved to Denver, CO, for physical therapy school in 1998.  I met my future husband there, started my …

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Two Minute Ab Burner!

I have Mr. Joseph Pilates to thank for many things in my life.  One of those things is his amazing Abdominal Series!  You don’t know abdominal …