My Advice to Moms of 3 Year Olds

  My amazing daughter turned four years old earlier this year. She is smart and funny and patient and kind. She is resilient and always willing to try something new. She loves making friends and isn’t afraid to be the new one in a group. She is also four years old, which means she is […]

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12 Things Only New Moms Understand

I had the opportunity to write this post for Lifehack this week. I am excited to share it here as well! Originally posted at There is nothing that can prepare you for how tiring being a new mom is. The late night feedings. The aching and leaking. The diapers and soreness. The fog and confusion. […]

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Inspiring You To Be Amazing

Happy Hour Mama

I have a lot of things bouncing around in my brain that I want to say, and no clear words that convey all of those things. I think that happens when we believe something so strongly and want to share it with others. The passion we feel gets in the way of the ability of our brain […]

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