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Non-Impact HIIT workout


Non-Impact HIIT – Gentle HIIT Workout for Weight Loss

This Non-Impact HIIT Workout is perfect for people wanting an intense workout for strength and weight loss while also needing exercises that are gentle on knee …


What’s in my Refrigerator?

I love cooking shows, but I often wonder how realistic they are. I mean, they have other people buying groceries for them and cleaning up. All …

Pilates bootcamp


The Limitations with YouTube Workouts

When I moved from Hawaii¬†three years ago, I left many Pilates and physical therapy clients who had become like family over the years. I had people …

workouts aren't working


The 5 Reasons Your Workouts Aren’t Working

Is there anything more frustrating than spending time and money on your exercise routine and still feeling like your workouts aren’t working? You buy class packages, …

Pilates bootcamp


What Workout To Do Each Day for the Best Results

We live in an amazing time that offers hundreds of different workout possibilities. Zumba. Crossfit. Barre. Pilates. Yoga. Piyo. Spinning. BodyPump. BodySculpt. Jazzercise. Biking. Running. Hiking. …

Pilates bootcamp


Why I Don’t Go To The Gym

Do you know how often I go to the gym? Maybe once a week. Do you know why I don’t go to the gym? TIME. It’s …